Predictions for Fall Hairstyles

We’ve got a couple months of summer weather left but we’re already seeing some fall colors on the streets, including some of those beautiful, rich browns. So, even if we’re still lovin’ those summer highlights, we can wonder at all the possibilities for fall, the season when we typically see a lot of trend-setting changes in hairstyles.

Observations and predictions for color:

• So far, it appears the ombre will remain in the backseat. When we do see this distinctive color style that was so popular in recent years, the color transitions are very soft and subtle, almost unnoticeable.

• Warm browns with soft highlights are gaining popularity.

• Reds are complimenting skin tones. Keep in mind, when going red, if your skin tone is warm, you want to lean toward copper, strawberry and other lighter reds. If your skin tone is cooler, you may want to stick with the more blue reds, like the plums, blood reds and eggplants.

• For those into vivid colors, such as lavender, pink and greens, the word on the streets is “grey.” Blondes are leaning toward these silvery tones with transitions to the other colors. The results are beautiful, if you can go with a bold style like this.

Cuts: It’s all about the bobs … bobs, bobs, bobs! This is where the action is headed for fall … longer, shorter and bobs with layers and LOTS of texture and movement through the layers.

The bob is such a versatile style. It just lends itself to so many possibilities and accessories. And it’s a cut that we can change so quickly on the go. It’s short, it’s long, it can go loose and wavy, like we’ve seen on the red carpets so frequently this year, or up in a bun or twist, and you can make these changes so fast! Add a little gold filigree or clip with pearls and suddenly you have something formal after a week on the job. Pull it back into a ponytail and head for the gym looking great! It’s easy to wear with a sun hat or gathered in a ponytail with a ball cap. Can’t miss with a bob.

The movement in a bob is built it. You move and your hair moves. Bigger waves and curls will ‘bob’ up and down. Gentle waves and layers will sway, adding lots of visual effect around the face. Of course, you may not want all that hair falling across your eyes while you negotiate in the boardroom but that’s what all the accessories are for, to clip and hold, creating all kinds of moods.

Love it! As always, be open to change.


Source: Huff Post, Style:  Founder, Phenix Salon Suites
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